Top Ten October Gardening Tasks

Planning to do some gardening in October? Gardening plans should be made in consideration for the coming winter. There are many tasks to complete, here are some tips for a perfect October garden.


If you have planted beans, pumpkins or peas, they should be ready for harvest by October. You should also check the fruit trees. The apples should also be ready for harvest at this time.

Weeding and pruning

Depending on the size of your garden, you may need to spend a few days removing weeds. The roses and shrubs will also need to be pruned.


You can do some mulching this month. If your compost is ready, it will be perfect for this task. Alternatively, you can enrich the soil by mulching with decomposed manure, or fallen leaves. Mulching helps to prevent the regrowth of weeds.

Replace the plants in containers

Now is the time to plant flowers that perform well during winter in those containers. The flowers that bloom in summer will not survive winter. Performing this task early means your containers will hold beautiful flowers all through the winter.

Get rid of pests and insects

Many garden pests are also preparing for winter. They plan to hide and thrive in your fruit trees and shrubs through the winter. By using winter washes, you can eliminate insect eggs and discourage pests from ‘setting up camp’ in the tree trunks. This can save your produce and the growth of your plants.

Plant fruit trees

If you have been saving some garden space for fruit trees, October is the best time to plant them. You can plant strawberries, apples, pear, and other fruits.

Protect tender plants

Move all your winter-tender plants into the greenhouse. You will increase their chances of surviving the cold by this action. Alternatively, install protective frames over these tender plants if you do not have a greenhouse. Poly Tunnels are also a great garden tool to save your tender plants throughout the winter. Poly Tunnels are perfect for uneven ground construction and are cheaper than many greenhouses!

Inspect stored harvest

If you have harvested some onions and potatoes last month, check them and remove the rotting harvest. Ensure the storage condition is adequate for the coming cold season.

Plant cover crops

There are some cover crops that thrive in winter and enrich the soil for the next planting season. You can plant crops such as winter peas that increase the nitrogen in the soil. Legumes and grains also act as cover crops that prevent erosion.

Repaint the fence

Make plans to repaint fences and sheds with high-quality paints and stains that can withstand the harsh winter weather. Doing this in October will help save costs of expensive repairs for damaged fences or sheds after winter.


Be ready for any type of weather in October. You may need to refer to weather forecast when making your gardening plans. Make the most of dry days and don’t forget to take a break while you work in the garden.