Top 10 Gardening Tasks for August

The weather in August is mostly bright and beautiful in the UK; it is also a great time for gardening. If you are thinking of doing some gardening but not sure about the most impactful tasks to carry out, this article is for you. We have some useful tips that can help you remain engaged all through the month. If you follow these tips, in a few months you will reap a fascinating yield from your garden.

August is a great time to help the plants that had been sowed some months earlier to thrive in view of a good yield during harvest. So get your boots, gloves, tools, and start marking reminders on your calendar to ensure you do not miss any task.

Check your irrigation system

To ensure your plants have enough water you should ensure your irrigation system is working correctly. Check for leaks that can reduce the amount of water supplied to the plants and ensure your recycling system is working perfectly.

Start making compost

If you have already started gathering compost, you can turn it over to hasten the decomposition process. No compost? Start one without delay. Get a compost crate or bin and start gathering kitchen waste and dead leaves in your compost bin.


Weeds grow so fast, and they can hinder the expected yield from your garden. Weeds can be found around the garden plants thriving on the fertile soil and water. They need to be removed. You can plan a gardening schedule to remove weeds and depending on the size of your garden; this task can be completed in a few days.

Pruning the trees

The weather in August will allow you focus on pruning your fruit trees for a few hours every day as part of your gardening activities. In about two weeks, all your trees will be well pruned and ready for a regrowth that promises better yield.

Prune your perennial plants

These plants are expected to flower in the autumn, but they need to be well pruned to remove the poorly developed or dying flowers and leaves. August is the best time to prune these plants.

Enrich the soil with nutrients

You may have done this earlier this year, but August is a good time to replenish the soil nutrients with fertilizers.

Replace old or torn netting in your garden

The netting previously installed to prevent rodents and birds ruining your garden may need to be changed or repaired. At this time, your plants or flowers growing in the garden need the best care to provide a high yield. So you should ensure they cannot be reached by rodents. You can also use insect traps to prevent winged pests from flying into your garden to feed on the plants and fruits.

Harvest ripe fruits

In the UK, the month of August is a period when the cherries, plums, and apricots among other fruits are ripe and ready for harvest. If you have these trees, then harvest is certain in August.

Tend to plants growing in containers

These plants are usually potted around the patio in the garden. You have more time in August to water the plants adequately to sustain the desired growth.

Collect seeds and stakes for the next year

August is also a great time to collect ripe seeds and stakes which will be stored for next year’s sowing season. Trees that are staked while growing tend to be taller and perform better regarding yield than others. You can save money by getting stakes from your garden while pruning instead of buying the stakes.

While you are making excellent progress in the garden, don’t forget to take frequent breaks. Sit down and have some tea by the roses and admire your beautiful garden.