Top Ten September Gardening Tasks

Ten Tasks to Do In the Garden This September

September is known to be a very busy month for gardening. It is the time you need to perform various tasks in preparation for the colder months. So get your gloves, shovels, and boots, let’s do some work.


Let’s start with weeding because those little devils do not deserve to stay a minute longer thriving on your garden soil. Weed out the competition; allow your garden plants more access to the soil’s nutrients.

Harvesting fruits

Do you grow raspberries and apples? Head over to have a look; you should find many of the fruits ready for picking. Other garden plants that will be ready for harvest at about this time are tomatoes, onions, sweet corn, and potatoes.

Get rid of rotten fruits

Some fruits on your trees may have been compromised by insects. They should be removed to prevent the growing fruits from becoming affected.

Plant lettuce and Spinach

You can have these vegetables readily available all through the winter for your salads. I specifically mentioned lettuce and spinach because they grow well in the cold season.

Plant a fresh set of perennials

This is the best time to plant your perennials in the garden. You can choose strategic positions in the garden where the perennials will add more color when they bloom in a few months. Many garden owners plant their perennials around the borders.  Just imagine the beauty when they bloom.

Prune your roses and shrubs

Pruning will help the roses and shrubs perform better this month. Get rid of the unwanted branches and overgrown stems.

Water your container plants

Make plans to do this often. Your container plants need to be well watered. You should also look out for overgrown stems which should be pruned, and dead head withering flowers or plant parts. Dead heading helps the container plants grow well which makes it an important gardening task.

Raise your pumpkins

If you grow pumpkins, they should be looking bigger this month. If left on the soil, your pumpkins will rot. This can be prevented by placing them on a higher platform. The pumpkins should be ready for use by Halloween.

Watering the beans and peas

These plants need a lot of water to grow well this month. Look out for the pods that are ready for harvest.

Keep the lawn below fruit trees tidy

The grass growing in this part can become overgrown making that area of your garden look untidy. Overgrown grass also provides more cover for rodents to hide. This is why you should keep the grass level low.

While inspecting your garden don’t forget to have a look at the compost and turn it to promote decomposition. You should also look out for any damage to your pots or netting that protects your plant from birds. All necessary repairs should be done promptly.