Patio Cleaning

Have you been procrastinating about cleaning your patio because you think it is going to be difficult? Since you see it every day, you will feel better when it looks clean. And we have got some tips to get you excited about cleaning your patio. It is the best part of your home: outdoors! to have a quick warm-up exercise. Here are some good reasons to clean your patios.

Repairs are expensive

Your patio can become damaged by weeds and dirt. If this happens, you will have to pay high costs for repairs, but this can be avoided.

Loss of beauty

Remember how beautiful your patio looked a few months ago? You can get that look back in a few hours by patio cleaning.


Untidy patios overgrown with weeds and algae can be slippery, a hazard that can cause injury.
How often should patio cleaning be done?
Don’t be alarmed; you can schedule the cleaning of your patio every two or three months. The period between every patio cleaning can be even longer depending on your environment.

Getting it done

First, you need some tools. Patio cleaning can be done with a bucket of soapy water, pressure water spray/hose, a weed killer product or tools for removing weeds, joint fillers, a long handle scrubbing brush and gloves. You should also wear some ‘work clothes.’

These tools will be okay for patio cleaning regardless of whether your patio is made from slabs, concrete, or decking.

Start cleaning by taking out the weeds. This is done with tools for removing weed or a weed killer (chemical product). Then use the pressure spray to dislodge moss and dirt from the surface. Apply your soapy water and scrub your patio with the brush. The long handle helps you reach all the dirty areas. Rinse with a water hose and leave to dry. You may need to scrub some parts that still look unclean after the patio dries. Use the filler to seal any gaps created in-between the slabs to make your patio last longer.

Job done! After drying, your patio will look very attractive again.

Alternatively, why not get a professional to clean your patio? – Patio Cleaning Norfolk