November Gardening Tasks – Our Top 10

In the month of November, your gardening plans should be focused on preparing for winter. It is also a great time to access some perennial plants you have been nurturing for many months. Identifying the plants that thrived and others that did not perform so well will help you make better decisions next year.

So here are ten gardening tasks that should keep you busy this month.

Oil your garden tools

During winter, it is important to keep your garden tools cleaned and oiled after use. This is a good habit. By doing this, you will extend the lifespan of your tools and avoid spending money for replacements.


At this time, some vegetables, beans, and fruits may be ready for harvest. Take time to walk around your garden. Harvest time is always a pleasant experience.

Prepare the vegetable beds

There are so many vegetables you can grow through winter months. For example, onions, garlic, and cabbages will perform well at this time. After preparing the beds, plant your vegetables.

Move tender plants to the greenhouse

These plants need to be protected; the best time to do this is early November.

Plant tulips

Tulips planted in November will blossom next year during the spring season if everything goes well.


It would help if you also scheduled a few hours of pruning all through the month. Your focus should be on pruning the fruit trees (apples, citrus) and the roses. After pruning, using a rake, clear all fallen leaves from the lawns and your beds.

Protect your plants with netting

Due to the cold weather, birds will start feeding on your plants such as the brassicas. You can prevent this damage by covering these plants with protective netting.

Improve the soil

You can add some manure to enrich the soil in your garden. This gardening activity will support the growth of your winter vegetables and other plants in the garden.

Move flowers indoors

You may not have another time to do this, so in November, pot some beautiful plants and move them indoors. This means, your home will look beautiful and smell nice all through the winter. So choose well, the atmospheric conditions in your home should be humid to help the plants survive.

Plant your berries

November is a good time to plant your berries such as strawberries, blackberries, and the black currants, etc. these bare-rooted plants grow into bushes, and they will survive the winter. You can plant them along the borders of your garden if you can find the space.

These gardening tasks should keep you busy all through the month. If you can have more time, clean the greenhouse, eliminate hiding places for pests by removing fallen leaves, and check your compost. If it is not ready, you should cover the compost bin properly.